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Increasing the volume of data in maintenance units and the need to review and analyze information for correct decision-making, the need for automation in the maintenance activities reveals more than ever. The possibility of using a variety of analytical charts, information filtration and also classified data requirement are the most important factors to show the reason of automation requirement in related units.

The possibility of periodical cost assessment, staff performance management, statistical analysis of duplication, possibility to control spare parts warehouse and definition of a minimum warehouse availability inventory and order point of spare equipment are some of advantages of Payesh CMMS.

Payesh CMM includes the possibility of classifying defects, causes of failures and delays in data processing and as a result provides the possibility of data analysis. It also indicates the defects in different parts of machines and its related break times which can be led to a fruitful results as the large percentages of break time sources belong to a defect in a small parts.

Payesh CMMS is also able to provide diversified, dynamic and 4 dimensional information report to analyze measurements , breakdowns and all Software defined parameters in applied sections and also run and break times. The other capabilities of Payesh CMMs is the possibility of analytical diagrammed reporting of processing measurements in a specified period and in case of undesirable process, the affecting reasons can be investigated.

There is also possibility of defining file and documentations of machineries technical information with any format , and to archive and maintain integrated documentation of equipment technical map according to tree structural definition. connection with warehouse data and integrated information of machineries run time in production phases , networking the performance processes ,and users authority limitations management are other aspects and advantages of Payesh CMMS.

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