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CS Software Usage Benefits

Payesh Equipment & Machinery Customers Services System

  • Creating, developing, maintaining and optimizing long-term and valuable relationship between the customers and the company
  • Selecting business strategy and manage valuable customer relationships
  • Establishing and implementing an effective marketing strategy that leads to costs reduction and deep understanding of customer
  • Supporting of efficient processes of marketing, sales
  • Conducting a customer oriented / goal oriented business process
  • Supporting of the integration of various functions in the process of marketing and sales
  • Increasing company efficiency through automation of routine processes
  • Sharing resources and information on the company
  • Increasing marketing and sales opportunities
  • Improving follow-up and communication related to customers / service recipients
  • Improving follow-up and implementation of activities in the daily work of units
  • Saving time in activities
  • Reviewing processes and design new processes
  • Making effective changes in company
  • Identifying, attracting and maintaining the best customers
  • Understanding of actions and activities in each market or target groups and to avoid activities in other sectors
  • Outsiding marketing and sales process from Dependence on individual and moving toward the system
  • Covering more planned objectives in the target market
  • Preventing the exchange of paper forms in the process of marketing and sales by pesronels (paperless process)
  • Electronic flow of information between all responsible personels
  • Estimating the companies status to achive market share target
  • Evaluating the staff efficiency in related units in each different status
  • Perform services closely and monitoring process
  • Having management reports without wasting any time
  • Making managerial decisions with regard to the activities process in order to improve the current strategy and adopt new strategy
  • Clarification of actions and activities conducted by the marketing department and sales
  • Outreaching to competitors in attracting the market opportunities
  • Facilitating the process of marketing and sales
  • Reducing the companies costs in the process of using administrative requirements
  • Reducing the access time to customers information
  • No need for other software and accessories ...

CS Software Features And Capabilities


  • Definition and arrangement of software base information based on the customers current procedures for customization and optimization of existing procedures
  • Ability to create custom reports according to user requirements and management levels in "all software sections and forms"
  • Defining system users and managing access level in all parts of software (User Manager)
  • Ability to register changes made to the data automatically for each user (User Trace)
  • Ability to export information to Excel file format in all forms
  • Ability to backup database by user
  • Easy user interface based on the Windows operating system
  • Possibility to customize the text, colors, etc.
  • Ability to sort, search and filter the information in according to the features of Excel
  • supporting different languages for data entering and search
  • Independence on other software such as Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports to display data and reports
  • Allows copying of data to accelerate the entry of new information
  • Intelligente software updates for all network clients
  • And many other features and capabilities.


  • Definition and classification of customers based on tree structure
  • Definition of the relevant customer's authorities
  • Definition customers with full information includes related authorities
  • Definition and classification of contracts relating to customers
  • Defining the causes of customer dissatisfaction related to company's services


  • Definition and arrangement of devices on the basis of the tree structure
  • Defining the structure and components of the devices (the definition of the most important and valuable devices)
  • Saving and displaying all devices documentation (maps, brochures, manuals, ...)
  • Definition of accessory devices on the main device, if necessary
  • Defining the required parameters and attributes for devices in the process of delivery to service center
  • Definition of different function counter types
  • Registering the serial numbers of devices on single or group rows of information
  • Entering the serial numbers of devices from Excel file to software for registration of serial numbers
  • Issuing guarantee card for the desired serial numbers of device single and group
  • Entering the serial numbers of devices from Excel file to software for registration and issuance of guarantee card
  • Defining parts and materials for each devices models
  • Defining reasons of blocking customer devices and fixing guide of it if necessary
  • Definition and classification of device failure causes and definition of repairment instructions failure in each of them
  • Definition and classification of common activities in customers services process
  • Defining the black list / exit from the black list in each of the devicesof customers with providing of History
  • Defining support contracts in each of devices of customers
  • Defining devices of customers based on various parameters of Installation / sales
  • Defining subscription code for each of customers devices
  • Defining Serial numbers of valuable components in each of customers devices
  • Defining guarantee information on each of customers devices
  • Transfering devices of one or more customers to other customer
  • Ability to create electronical folder of transfered customers devices
  • The possibility of making customers device ID card Includes purchase date, vendor, invoice number and date, installation date, guarantee information, replaced parts, serialnumber of valuable parts, service history, etc.
  • Creating device activity card (history of all activities in all sections with all operational requirements \ parameters)

Services Requests

  • Registering customer requests based on defined parameters and issuance of service request code automatically
  • Registering customer services requests with more than one service type (if necessary)
  • Controling of guarantee / contract / blacklist and other defined items in software at service request section
  • Approval / disapproval of services requests to continue process and Issuance of work orders
  • Obtaining customers devices in service center and issuance receipt
  • Registering devices appearance specification on service center delivere time

Work Orders

  • Definition of work orders status types (completed, waiting for parts, etc.)
  • Issuing work orders for approved service request of customers
  • Work order issuance with more than one assigned personel (in the case of a few personel assigned in a work order)
  • Ability to issue corrective work order for previous work order that is dissatisfacted by customers for any reason
  • Ability to register work orders report with all information on the sectors of: personnels, failures, actions, materials / spare part, overhead costs,contractors, delays,..
  • Ability to register personnels additional parameters in Work order report (all related activities dates and times per personnel)
  • Ability to register work order last status to follow up
  • ability to register and process all overhead costs in work orders activities
  • Ability to register and track spare parts orders with related full information (how to order,technical code,status, etc.)
  • Ability to evaluate customer satisfaction (Happy Call) and final management approval based on it


  • Defining spare part and materials locally
  • Linking Payesh CS With Warehouse system for more information integrity

Link With CRM Software

  • Integration of data with marketing and sales units with using of Payesh CRM software

Finance (Add-On Modules)

  • Issuing the invoice / bill and converting invoice into bill
  • Tracking statuses related to bill

Productivity Reports (Add-On Modules)

  • Productivity Parameters (expertise and Financial productivity ratio ineach expertise)
  • Activities Times (analysis of the time and financial situations on work orders)
  • Personnel function (analysis of the time and financial situations on work orders)
  • Personnel-normal function (same as above information without analysis)
  • Productivity list (analysis of work orders based on the bill price and calculation of service fee per work order basedon expertise and productivity ratio)

Analytical Reports (Add-On modules)

  • Ability to create and display the analysis report in various charts
  • Providing a variety of management reports completely dynamic and parametric Includes:
    Average response times,average device startup time, average times of transportation, etc.
  • And Other Reports ...

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